Sunday, 26 November 2017

We team up with Syndicate Room The Due Diligence Guide for Investors - out now for free

Well here it is - the new and only guide for investors in the SME market, explaining how best to carry out Due Diligence before you part with your cash. Download it for free here

The guide, written by this blogger and updated on line as new information comes to light, is a very quick but comprehensive help to carrying out DD. If you dont bother with the DD, then you are a fool. And you are not helping anyone. In doing a good job on DD you can help the company you are interested in and that in turn that will be a help to UK plc. The last thing we need is a whole raft of useless companies soaking up the investment offered by ECF. Anyone familiar with this blog will be aware of that!

We have called many of the failures that we now see - when they were pitching for your cash. Read this guide and it will help you do the same. Filled with examples (anon but real cases) it's a quick overview reflecting 35 years of business experience alongside one the UK's best ECF platforms.


  1. Hey Rob - what happened to the ECF report you were working on in the spring?

  2. We printed it in bits on the blog - its on going and so far the evidence points to ~95% of Crowdcube's successes missing their targets.Total missed to date is around £200m. We have quite a few unfiled overdue accounts at the moment and a whole raft coming up for Dec. We thought putting out individual stories was a better way to get the message across.

  3. I can understand why you left out the names of the guilty but it would have been more fun if you had pointed the finger

    Speaking as an ex SCC investor.

  4. It was not my decision - as you can imagine! :))

  5. Goncalo de Vasconcelos16 November 2017 at 00:33

    Hi Andrew,
    I appreciate that it would have been more fun for the readers if the case studies in the due diligence guide were fully identified. However all of the peculiar case studies were funded by other platforms, so we would never consider including names in the interest of fairness.

    The objective of the guide is to help investors carrying out better due diligence before they invest so naming and shaming would distract from that objective. As far as I'm concerned, the more savvy investors are about early stage investments, the more they will appreciate and prioritise SyndicateRoom as their platform.

    Besides, I think we will both agree that Rob already does a pretty comprehensive job at pointing the finger using names and facts in this blog!

    I hope you enjoyed the due diligence guide,
    CEO of SyndicateRoom

  6. I've been looking for something like this for a while... looking for forward to sinking my teeth into this!