Thursday, 22 February 2018

Whatever happened to SilkFred's £100m IPO?

As alternative facts go, 2016 news in various papers, including The Telegraph, of SilkFred's £100m stock listing in 2017 is right up there.

In what reads like a company PRing, the news was splashed out in December 2016 just in time to pick up their Christmas sales.

More recently and we assume more realistically, the company have raised £7.5m on valuations of £20m and £25m. Considering what Crowdcube investors paid - even with dilution - they have seen the paper value increase. Just why the listing was postponed or cancelled isnt clear but there re many current factors in our economy that might make you think twice right now.

We had this one down as a real success - please dont let us down. Accounts are late.

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