Friday, 20 July 2018

Another Crowdcube funded company - Wisdom of Crowds - says Goodbye nicely - Suckers!

Wisdom of Crowds raised £400k on Crowdcube at the end of 2015. Now just two years later the fun is over for their event organising outfit, The Crowd.

We cant find anything else that they do, so is that it? The message they have left on their twitter page will not please investors. Talk of how much fun it has been and how well they have done with other people'e money is crass. It's an insult.

As we keep on saying, this is another example of a business that was not investable, was certainly not scalable and looks very much to us like it was a bit of fun for bunch of friends. That's fine but if that's the intention, dont take money off the public for your entertainment. And dont rub salt hard into the wounds by pretending it was anything other than an expensive, loss making, flop. 

Shambles rules. Oh ok. 

We would love to know where this company sits in the Beauhurst ECF analysis graphics? Growth would be our guess!

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