Friday, 20 July 2018

Berrywhite liquidated. Not a pretty sight for 172 Crowdcube investors.

Well it has been coming. A failed second or maybe third attempt to raise more cash on Crowdcube has resulted in Berrywhite being turned into mush. They took £291k off 172 punters on Crowdcube in 2014.

As is now a common, we had warned investors on this one. Here.

The liquidation is in progress (may take a while) but from the initial report the company has left around £54k of trade creditors dead in the water. The S of A gives no value to Crowdcube investors and Crowdcube have made no mention of the liquidation on their Berrywhite page. Both have become standard ways of limiting the damaging PR. 

We report the facts. You decide what to do with them. Never Never goin'to give you up!

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