Monday, 22 January 2018

Berrywhite disappears from the Crowdcube platform after offering free shares to get over the line

Berrywhite offered new Crowdcube investors free shares at the weekend. Monday has seen the pitch removed.

The CEO had struggled for a long time to raise more cash - he had already taken the valuation down and extended the campaign. Two days ago he posted a free share offer to the next investors  - in order to push him over the line.

We didnt think Crowdcube would like this and investors threatened to pull out over it. See the last but one post for more details.

Why he bothered is a bit of mystery as Crowdcube's back catalogue is littered with pitches that never crossed the line but were funded. He needed advice, clearly.

For Crowdcube's commission I'm pretty sure Berrywhite will be funded.

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