Thursday, 11 January 2018

Despite what we said, Brewdog slams through its £10m in under 100 days

In what looks like a surprising result, Brewdog will now easily get to its minimum target of £10m raised in the final 4 days of the BFP5 campaign.

We say surprising as for the best part of 70 days of this 100 day campaign, it looked less and less likely that the Dogs would get over £8m, let alone £10m. 

Back in October 17, there was a good steady stream of investment up around the £100k per day level. Then around the middle of November it started to slowdown and by December it was nearer to £50k than £100k per day or around half the required rate. So from 20 December, the amount still to be invested was £2.9m - around £110k per day. But the daily input was stubbornly stuck at around £50k. 

By the 5 January Brewdog still required £1.8m in just just 11 days, with the trend heading the other way. But those boys just dont ever give up and since, they have raised all but £400k of that amount, with the last two days seeing £750k coming in.

This is certainly not a pattern we have seen before in any ECF campaign in 6 years. Yesterday for example saw 536 investors when the average per day has been just over 200. This campaign is run by Brewdog, not an independent platform. So how they have turned this around we will never know but it is some achievement.

Hats Off.  


  1. apart from the fact it is completely illegal and against all Financial Conduct Authority Regulations on Financial Promotions...

    complete disgrace, so this in the US and you'd be serving 10 years even if investors make money, probably 40 years inside if investors loose.

    Brewdog are liable for investor losses on the basis this is an illegal financial promotion

    1. They did do it in US, last year

    2. what specifically do you think is illegal? The prospectus has been approved by the FCA, what other communications are there that are not approved, and why are you so cross?

  2. well they are mad. Anything that we do in the US leaves me quaking in my proverbials, even if I just have to confirm the value of client assets.

    But raising money in the US directly is completely barking mad (yes - a unintentional pun),,,,,,,,,,,,straight to jail where you'll be held before your trial and then 10 years in practical solitary with Bernie Madoff and El Chapo.

    If they used a broker in the US things might be different, but SEC doesn't mess about....