Thursday, 9 August 2018

Ubrew and I'll make up the stories

When is a brewery not a brewery? When the lease was never signed. Ubrew spent a lot of time last year talking about their new unit in Manchester. Well there isnt one. 

We wrote about it here.

Pictures even appeared of said new Manchester unit but these turned out to be the existing London one. This northern unit was due to open by mid 2017.

So what happened? Well Ubrew were unable to explain the fact that news put out by at least two rags said they had opened up north. Whats more the management of Ubrew were quoted as saying that a large percentage of the capacity had already been sold. This was in April 17. Today they do not have a unit open in Manchester. 

Something somewhere has clearly gone wrong. Now Will Horsfall has left - he was half of the company. The latest accounts show another loss of £102k which was a surprise as the London unit was reported as being oversubscribed. 

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  1. The site is meant to be opening in the Bonded Warehouse in Old Granada Studios, but there's been no communication at all when this is happening, or if it's happening at all. Considering presales ended in July 2016, and the site isn't open yet, the whole thing has been a mess. explains some of the issues.