Thursday, 2 August 2018

Where will it end? Crowdcube congratulate bereaved shareholders in MyShowcase.

Myshowcase raised £1m on Crowdcube not long ago and has now been 'sold' to another company for a large loss to investors. So Crowdcube thought it would be good idea to send a cheerful message to the Wake; ignoring the death. 

We have written about this company here.

It seems there is just one button for outgoing news on the Crowdcube control panel - its the marked ''Congratulations''. The outcome of the investment seems to be irrelevant - which when you think about it, is spot on. We love the references to EIS and SEIS - DUH. 

Here is the message - 

Congratulations! Your investment in MyShowcase has been completed and your ownership statement is now available.

On behalf of Crowdcube and the team at MyShowcase, thank you for supporting this business on Crowdcube.

If you are eligible for SEIS and EIS tax relief (which will depend on the Company being eligible and your individual circumstances) you can expect to receive your tax relief form within 8-12 weeks of your certificate being sent. Please
................. and note that the availability of tax relief may change in future.

Best wishes,
The Crowdcube Team

Time for Bed  - too much good news is so tiring


  1. That's the email you get when your investment goes through - it has nothing to do with the sale of the company. Did the sale happen within weeks of the funding then?

    1. Read the other posts on Myshowcase - follow the link I put up. It was a now typical Crowdcube 'exit' disaster.