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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Crowdcube acquire a software package, Supdate, to mend a cultural breakdown.

When you have a problem that needs fixing, the first thing to do is to identify the source of the issue. Sticking a plaster on an open wound may hide it from plain sight, but it wont heal it. 

Crowdcube have a reputation for appalling shareholder comms - that is not us speaking but the shareholders who contact us to find out what has happened to their companies. Being given, we have no details on the deal, a software package that sends out automatic comms will not help them. They have to want to send real information on the companies they help fund - and they really dont give a fig after they have received their commission. 

We have also been told about a recent instance where Crowdcube actively slagged off another major rival, with what appears to us to be dubious facts, in order to take away a potential client. That is highly unprofessional as Im sure most readers would agree but is much more in line with the Crowdcube ethos than reporting to shareholders. 

Of course PRinging this news of their recent 'purchase' to the world may well ease the pressure the FCA must now be putting on them for their failure to keep shareholders informed and the atrocious ongoing record for failed businesses.  

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