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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Gohenry limp back to Crowdcube for more cash please

Gohenry raised over £3m on Crowdcube 2 years ago  - now they are back for more. So how is this kiddies bank control done in the meantime?

Im with investors here - this idea seemed good to me, as many of your showed in 2016. But they promised a lot when they sold you over £3m in shares. Have they delivered?

If you read this typical nonsense from Samantha at Crowdfund Insider, then you would think they have blown their targets to pieces - https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2018/09/138874-digital-banking-solution-gohenry-set-to-return-to-crowdcube/

But as you should know by now, anything written by Sam is nonsense or certainly poorly researched. Maybe she really works for Crowdcube Insider?

Gohenry said they would be turning over in excess of £15m by 2018 and £37m by YE March 2019. Well according to Sam they reached £8m this year. Whoops. 

So can you expect a downround on Crowdcube? Well common sense says yes, but it is unlikely. Crowdcube doesnt do common sense.

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