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Friday, 14 September 2018

Crowdrating and Businessagent join up.

We will be honest - we dont rate either of these outfits. So maybe teaming up is a good idea. Both fail to get to the real information about companies using ECF as they both use quasi AI, which has been poorly created and skates over important information.

We wrote about this over a year ago - here

BA is now rebranding - or tinkering at the edges. It makes large losses. Its information is pitiful. It claims that Crowdcube for example has had 50 failures and 6 successful exits. Well that simply is wrong - it is in the right ball park and that pretty well sums them up. If you want information in the right ball park - a very large ball park - then they are for you. If you want accurate information on what is really happening, then forget it.

By putting two poor business together, I suppose you will end up with one larger poorer business. Time will tell. It is unfortunately exactly the opposite of what ECF requires right now. We need more clarity and more information, that is precise and accurate. We will be delivering this here over the next few months.

Watch this space. 

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