Sunday, 3 February 2019

Ex Lick Frozen Yogurt entrepreneur launches new health food, Human Food.

Ky Wright - one of the two guys behind the failed Lick Frozen yogurt venture, which took £280k off Crowdcube investors, has launched his newco, Human Food.

The Human Food pitch, which is available on application, makes Lick out to be some sort of success. Investors may choose to disagree. The Lick brand, as we noted a short while ago, has now resurfaced in the UAE. It was sold for £20k in the liquidation, which left shareholders and creditors way out of pocket. The pitch makes no mention of the failure of Lick and its debts. Surprising. 

Ky Wright states in the new company presentation that he left Lick in 2014 - which would of course be a little odd as he appeared in the Crowdcude pitch in 2015. CH records show he was a director until it was finally closed last September. I do wish CH would get their records sorted out. 

Human Food ran a Kickstarter campaign which raised an impressive £80k from 851 backers. 3 of these backers paid over £4700 for 6 years subscription - incredible. The last comment on the campaign board is asking when the product is going to be delivered, with a response saying that delays,outside our control, means January 2019. The latest update has pushed delivery back to March 19. The campaign's original stated delivery was September 2018. Is this ringing any bells with Kokoon and Jivr investors?

If anyone is interested then they should contact Human Food via their website. They appear to be looking for £50k for now. You might want to take a look at their exponential growth forecasts. 

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Our thanks go to a reader for the link to the newco's pitch. The power of collective information. 

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