Thursday, 7 February 2019

Is Crowdfunder struggling?

Crowdfunder were due to make very large profits for YE December 2018. The last filed accounts for the 3 months to December 2017 show a loss of £360k - for just 3 months or did we mention that  already.

Crowdfunder operates in a crowded space with several major players  - Kickstarter and Indiegogo being two of them. They have so far failed to live up to their own projections. But if you knew that Darren Westlake was a director of Crowdfunder, you might not find that so surprising. It's the reason we chose Indiegogo for our recent successful ECf.Buzz campaign.

Crowdfunder has so far raised £2.92m on Crowdcube in three rounds in 2014/15 and 17. Do you think they pay the full 8% commission? The company has accumulated losses to YE Dec17 of £2.357m. Seems that the business model is similar to Crowdcube's.

We wait to see what YE Dec18 delivers.

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  1. And he is a director of Crowdcube Nominees. A safe pair of hands.