Friday, 8 February 2019

Hopscotch Brands' Choc+ finally crash out leaving investors licking their fingers and claiming loss relief.

So another Crowdcube company ends. This one had been a zombie for a while. Crowdcube investors gave them £168k in 2015 and an email seen buy us in December 2017 declared its closure. A full 12 months later it has now been dissolved.

Simon Coyle founded and ran the company. The Crowdcube pitch promised many things but not many of them came to pass. We wrote about them as they headed down the hill. Here .

The company had not filed any accounts since June 2016 and despite the attempted suspension of the strike off in January this year, the final notice has now been delivered. Seriously who runs a company and doesnt bother to file accounts?

At least investors will now be able to claim their loss relief.

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