Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Hat-trick of good news stories for Crowdcube investors

At last some good news.  Like buses, you wait and wait and then three come along all at the same time.

Here are 3 companies all funded via Crowdcube, that are heading in the right direction - long way to go but they are now at least on the right track.

Hop Stuff - a London based brewery has received new funding and has grown its revenues exponentially this year, topping a turnover of £1m, according to a letter sent to shareholders. Now they seem set to make some real progress in this very challenging market. They raised £65k on Crowdcube in 2013 at a value of £180k. It seesm the latest round has shot them into the millions bracket; although as we all know this is only on paper.

Fantoo - a company that has raised several rounds and been taken under the Dell wing, has just launched its first product. It sounds exciting, they are excited, so maybe they are also on the right track.

Silk Fred - complete the hat-trick. On the back of rapid growth over the last 6 months, SF are now confident they are on the same track. Losses however are also up so this maybe a longer journey. Over trading is still a possibility.

If you know of any other good or bad news, why not share it with us and we can all help to make this a more open way of funding.

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  1. Been in Fantoo since 2013. Excited to see them finally launching their product although unless you can afford big dollars the crowd is getting diluted to hell in subsequent raises. Not to mention there is zero mention of revenues etc. Newsletters have little info for investors.