Monday, 7 November 2016

The Gadfly is back - this time on Bloomberg. Now we are getting serious.

Ok, so its not a Gadfly but its a nice pic and we are on Bloomberg today in the written word and the spoken one. 

I love the bit where Adam takes the Crowdcube investor test - the one that is supposed to weed out non sophisticated investors - and fails it on purpose. This is a multiple choice test with 2/3 answers  to each very basic Q. So having failed, the computer invites him to take it again!!!!!!! This time he gives the other answer and passes!!!!! Ridiculous.

Anyway we had a very amusing evening in St Andrews after his wee mishap with the car - the road was the normal width so how he came off it is anyones guess. Followed by a really good slap up meal. Thanks Bloomberg. 

Other journalists are also welcome. 

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