Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Founding Director of Quantock Brewery resigns

In amongst all the high level statistics that the Altfi 'Where are they now' report has produced, we think that they have left out the more important indicators.

Quantock Brewery funded via Crowdcube in 2013. Its a good small brewery. But its made increasing losses since 2013 and has now lost 2 of the four directors in its Crowdcube team - the team it exulted as being so important to its future in the Crowdcube pitch. One would be careless...........!

Needless to say, the Crowdcube pitch has the company well into profit by this time and also well into profit last year, when it made another loss.

Is it fair to assume that the resignation recently of one of the founders, Ken Oxley, indicates that things are not going too well? Would he leave if we were about to see record profits? If anyone has information that sheds better light on this  - then please get in touch.

You can get this information here, because we bother to do the hard yards to find it for you. High level percentages often based on tainted information produced by the ECF platforms themselves will get you nowhere. 

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