Monday, 14 November 2016

I'm an empty teapot, short and stout, where's my handle and where's my spout?? Is this Vapourware?

Look it really is time for investors on Crowdcube to wake up. Brew promised a tea pub opening in Balham in Autumn 2015. Over a year later, the tea has gone cold waiting for something to happen. 

In what has to be close to a con, the Tea Brew pub business that raised £180k on Crowdcube over a year ago has done nothing in 12 months. Projections showed a turnover of over £500k in 2016.

We contacted Brew to see what the story was. Apparently they are really close to opening their first unit - more than a year late. This story put about by the Brew PR gurus illustrates the problem -   and is dated June 2015. He claimed in it that they would have the first unit open in Balham in 2015 and then role out 9 more units in 4 years - well that is now 10 units in 2.5 years.

Investors have been misled. 

Why when there are a few good investment opportunities on Crowdcube - one on there now in the form of Happy Finish, do you insist on investing in this tripe? 

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  1. These guys were actually pitching at an Angelsden event in August this year, trying to raise further money.