Monday, 21 May 2018

Mr Sherick Shakes it all up.

So here we are again. Mr Shericks takes £250k off Crowdcube investors, spends it, liquidates and the founder Andrew Jonathan Sherick reopens using a company he registered just in case - Shericks Shakes Ltd and then to make sure, changed its name to Luxury Shakes. 

We wrote about them before but took the post down as Andrew Sherick claimed he was trying to gift CC SHs free shares in the newco. That has not happened....yet anyway. 

Meanwhile the original version, in liquidation, looks to have piled up around £600k in unpaid liabilities, including trade creditors. 

We really do need to take a look at the way the law operates in this area now that EFC is around and here to stay. It's a shambles as it stands.

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