Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Some cheering good news - Pip&Nut raises a new £1m in equity finance and is going places

Hats off to Pippa Murray, founder of Pip&Nut, which funded on Crowdcube in 2014. She has come a long way since.

So it's not all bad. Unfortunately Pip and Nut only raised £120k on Crowdcube and have raised a lot more since. But their products are to be found in 5000+ stores and the future is bright. Crowdcube investors are sitting on a golden egg, even if it is a little quail like.

A strong ethos, well tested product and strong leadership have led to this success. We had them marked up for this success after a patchy start. Here


  1. Not one that I invested in but my wife started buying it recently. Expensive, but the best peanut butter I have tried. She's done well

  2. Hi Rob, quick question from a total newbie. How do I find the latest share price for a company from the Companies House website? For example, Clippings has had two raises since the CC 2015 round, but I have no idea what the current valuation and share price is. Many thanks

    1. Your shares are worthless until a willing buyer makes you an irrevocable offer for them. Multiplying the last round price by the number of share outstanding gives you a completely meaningless valuation (even more so if there is a waterfall with different classes of share). Jf

    2. Anonymous, simply put the share price is whatever the next buyer of the shares is prepared to pay. The shares you are talking about are shares in Private companies - there isn't really a market for those shares (as there is for public companies via a stock exchange). Possibly the company you mention has agreed a share price with the Inland Revenue in order to value employee rewards. But actually it's pretty meaningless until that price is tested via a float or other exit.

  3. Ask the company - too difficult to explain how to work out.