Sunday, 6 May 2018

What is it Crowdcube do not understand about checking the facts?

Moove, an Irish version of Purple Bricks according to their PR, have almost completed their Crowdcube £200k raise - then someone discovers that they are not licensed to deal with property.

So you have to ask if Crowdcube really do any very basic DD? The answer is bleeding obvious.

Luckily for CC investors, someone on the forum has done some checking and they are not currently licensed. His initial Q on the forum was removed by Crowdcube. Open and honest as ever.

Even if this is a clerical error, as the company is claiming, you have to wonder if a company that cant even get its own core licence arranged, has any hope in the real world.

You couldnt make this up. FCA are you out there?

Thanks for the tip on this.  

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