Thursday, 3 May 2018

Seedrs do the right thing when Crowdcube can only talk about it.

Yet again we have an example of Seedrs committing in action to looking after their investors. This is not what Crowdcube do despite what they may say.

A source has sent us details of a Seedrs raise. This completed but took a while to get past the paperwork. By the time it had, the company's circumstances had changed for the worse and figures given in the pitch were shown to be wrong.

So what do you do?

Well any right minded person with an ounce of decency and an FCA licence, would alert investors to these facts and ask them if they still wished to invest. Which is exactly what Seedrs have done. Armed with the facts, investors get to make a real choice.

There is a prize for anyone who can give me an example of this happening on Crowdcube. Here it would most likely have been 'passed over' and liability in the aftermath that followed would have been rigorously denied. For real examples of this type of thing, you need look no further than Ethos Global. Although once there you might try The Solar Cloth Company and a few others.

It really is time Crowdcube were held to account.


  1. I can say that sr pulled a raise i was signed up for because they did not make a sale they said thay were sure of getting.
    No experience of cc or seedrs

  2. Estates Direct was pulled on CrowdCube after the raise but (I think) before money was taken. I had already pulled out, but got the comms anyway.

    1. See here - they took the money or Crowdcube are openly lying. Please send me the comms if you still have them

    2. Sorry no - it was a couple of years ago now. Interestingly it was about a year after the campaign...

    3. Crowdcube are listed as SHs at CH so unless they are buying shares by mistake (it wouldnt surprise me) they def funded this company. More recently the Co was bought by a Family Office for next to zero.