Friday, 29 June 2018

2nd July marks a whole year since Ethos Global was forced into liquidation. Yet the liquidators have produced nothing. What is going on?

For our system to work, people who abuse it need to be made to pay. Ethos Global took £709k from 388 Crowdcube investors in  2016. Then they went into liquidation, having opened up a London studio with these funds, which they transferred to their newco. Leaving investors and creditors out of pocket.

Under what system would that be legal?

So why has it taken a whole year to get nowhere?

We have contacted the liquidators many times on behalf of shareholders who asked us to help but they never respond. FYI Adam Harris of Mazars is a complete waste of space.

It cannot be that complicated  - it was not a large turnover business. There are no offshore accounts - there are barely any accounts. The trail from their Cambridge studio, to the new London one, is very clear and obvious. 

Wake the F up will you Mazars. 

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