Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Crowdcube's Berrywhite finally calls it a day - or has it??

As we reported before, Berrywhite just refuses to lie down. In liquidation, the directors have now invented the Berrywhite Group and have arranged a share swop from one to the other. 

All the usual excuses are trotted out for the failure of Berryone. How many businesses were put to the sword by the 17.4 million in 2016 is yet to be revealed but it is excuse number one for the moment. Andrew Jennings, the founder, is funding the newco with a £7k loan to buy the assets of Berryone off the liquidator. £7k ?????

There are a number of posts on them here

We really didnt like these guys - they tried tricks to get investment. That's fine in a circus but it shouldnt be allowed in business finance. 

Anyway Crowdcube SHs, have a year to wait and see if Berrytwo can make a few bucks and give it back to them. I wouldnt hold your breath. 

Cant get enough of you - well some of us can, Barry. 

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