Sunday, 3 June 2018

Did the sale of i-Comply to Veracity UK Ltd give Crowdcube investors any return?

Around a year ago, i-Comply which had raised £50k on Crowdcube in 2012, was 'bought' by Veracity UK. Almost immediately it has started to make profits. But what did the 46 Crowdcube investors see?

We really have no idea. Nor do Crowdcube. Their web page for i-Comply doesnt even mention the sale. It would appear no one has informed them. Clearly if there had been even the slightest positive news for the 46 Crowdcube investors, the platform, never shy of creating a good story, would have plastered it wall to wall for all to lap up. 

Oh well at least the invention is now safe. Isnt that what they said about Sugru? Looks like the Crowdcube crowd are really just do gooders who love to see a great idea succeed but dont care if it benefits them. Hats off for that. 

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