Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Phew - At long last Little Brew is shut down by the Government.

Little Brew raised £110k back in 2013 on Crowdcube. Its last filed accounts were for YE Sept 2014. So you can imagine it will come as some relief to Crowdcube investors that they can at last claim their loss relief 3 years late. 

Its a typical Crowdcube story. Great enthusiast Stuart Small, liked beer. He saw all these other beer enthusiasts raising money on Crowdcube and eureka, he invented Little Brew. He had no experience in brewing or business but then in 2013 on Crowdcube you couldnt get through half a pint before you had been given £100k. Of course all of this was and still is, orchestrated by the promotion of magic bean like profits and ROI. 

The fact that the company has been trying to close down for 4 years is something of an oddity. Is that a record? Eventually HMRC have stepped in and closed it will be on 18 June 2018. 

Thank god that's over. 

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