Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Mr Gripit knows a good deal when he sees one. Is Crowdcube just for suckers?

It's probably a good idea to strike whilst the iron is still hot - a good idea for whom though? Jordan Daykin is back on Crowdcube with a newco - whilst his Gripit Fixings fall off the wall.

Daykin certainly knows how to milk a run. His newco, VPS, which he bought for £5m is now overfunding on Crowdcube. There wasnt much made of Gripit in the pitch. Gripit has raised £4.1m in two rounds on the platform. Lastest accounts for YE Dec17 show losses of £1.8m for the company - a nine times increase on the latest projections. The figures suggest something odd - read on.

Should shareholders worry that he has now turned his energy and attention to being CEO of VPS - a totally unrelated business, in a totally different industry? Well time will tell. Gripit is due to deliver a profit of over £3m this year. Clearly it must be on track or he wouldnt go wondering off.

Debs Meaden is a SH in Gripit - via that wonderful comedy series Dragons Den. What does she think? No comment.

The accounts were moved, so this loss of £1.8m is for 17 months. Interestingly the first 5 months of this were included in the Crowdcube pitch as 'historic' data. However if you add the losses for 'previous 12 months' and the year Jan to Dec 2017, you get a projected loss of only £1m in total. Now it is impossible to know if the discrepancy (£800,000) occurred before the CC raise dated 03/17 or in the period after that to 12/17.

In the light of recent events with the platform and the fact that accounting dates were moved in June 2017, you might be highly suspicious that old tricks are being played here.

It is certainly more grist to the mill when considering Crowdcube's FCA licence.

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