Saturday, 31 March 2018

Alquity UK make £70k profit

Good news for Alquity Crowdcube investors - it has for now stopped making losses. Mind you, its a long way from its forecast £1.4m profit.

The thing about on Crowdfunding and especially Crowdcube, is that all good news, however tiny, must be celebrated joyously or we might commit suicide.

Alquity UK is a financial investment company, so you might expect them to be able to project a couple of years forward with some accuracy. Well they cant. £70k versus £1.4m is laughable.

Here's hoping that £70k becomes £4.8m and them £9.3m (their Crowdcube sales pitch) over the next two years. Unlikely but you have to be optimistic in this game - well that or just plain dumb. 

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