Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The Early Bird, Oliver Pugh reappears as a cuckoo.

You remember Oliver. He and Earlybird Snacks raised £420k off Crowdcube investors and then went into liquidation. Now he is using the EB mailing list to sell his latest idea.

You can find Oliver's version of events here  where he clearly states that he is emailing all his old EB customer list. To make things look more established he has converted his Twitter and FB accounts from EB to the new business EB Flight Club. Interestingly, the Liquidators note in a recent update on EB's closure, that no one bought the customer list - although Oliver and an associate expressed an interest in it. So you have to ask how he is now using what is still an asset belonging to his previous collapsed company? Do the liquidators know about this? It has not been closed yet.

Maybe there is some moral obligation on Oliver's part to return at least some of the money he took off investors and the creditors? Maybe not.

Moving onto Oliver's latest project - he has taken an idea which is described here in the Telegraph - 

Oliver, being the showman he is, doesnt mention this of course - its his idea brought about by his post business collapse round the world travel trip -  a trip made when he was skint. In fact a short Google search using 'mistake fares' reveals a whole host of places doing the same thing.

If followers are interested then you can currently get a deal - 3 months subscription for £36. Caveat Emptor my friends. Thanks go to The Goose for the heads up.

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