Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Red Squirrel Group make further losses after Crowdcube funding

Red Squirrel took £641k off Crowdcube investors in 2016 at a valuation of £5.25m. This last year it was supposed to be profit. Losses for the two operating companies in the Group amounted to £270k.

We wrote about these guys before - here . They had projected profits of £260k, so this miss is pretty good for a Crowdcube company.

The company appeared on a highly dubious alternative ECf platform The Right Crowd but it would appear that this round failed. 

They have rebranded and grown their bar outfit - Mad Squirell, which now has 5 outlets compared with 3 in 2016. So we will just have to wait and see if this is a good idea or not. 


  1. Mad squirrel raised additional funds from investors in Autumn last year.
    They are back on CC now with a private round valuing company at £12.5m.

  2. Who needs Christmas when you can have Crowdcube valuations?

  3. This time last year during The Right Crowd fundraiser the pre-money valuation was sitting at £8,009,009 in the past year, that has increased to £12,684,014 on this CC pitch. 50% is quite the growth!