Thursday, 29 March 2018

Hiyacar moves venues from Seedrs to Crowdcube for more money

Hiyacar have used Seedrs twice to raise cash and have now decided to move over to Crowdcube - maybe the Seedrs wet nurse had run dry?

The new Crowdcube pitch is currently in private mode. Valuation will please Seedrs investors as at £7.2m, it's twice the 2016 Seedrs round of £3.6m. Not sure what the evidence is for this doubling but who cares. It was valued at £1m in the 2015 Seedrs round, so these investors are really doing well  - if they can find a buyer! 

We bring you this news as Crowdcube often forget to tell you these important details. And as we all know, knowledge is power. 

Be careful out there - the recent events with Freeagent (maybe not done and dusted yet; watch this space) and Ridelink, are illustrations of just some of the dangers. Ask yourselves, is this progressive capital they need or a bung to stop up a large hole in cash flows? 

Thanks to Iceman for this one. You're simply The Best. 

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  1. Hi, did you see the latest email on HiyaCar? I received it two days ago: they are doing a separate fundraise through platform "Envestors" while closing the Crowdcube fundraise. Strange, although it is at the same valuation and share price of the Crowdcube round.