Thursday, 15 March 2018

Cape Fisheries - another Crowdcube success goes bust.

Cape Fisheries raised £136k on Crowdcube in summer 2015. Now they have been closed by CH. No news of what happened to the money invested by 121 Crowdcube clients.

There are some very large sharks off South Africa, the homeland of Cape Fisheries. Looks like some of them decided to pop over to the UK and help themselves to some easy money from Crowdcube clients. 

Since funding this company has produced only a few lines of accounts - hardly even a minimum. Now it is dead. Something stinks. 

You do have to ask what the platform was doing allowing this business anywhere near to their 'investors', with projections and a PD that showed impressive credentials and much jam the morrow. No point in asking Crowdcube though as they are now well used to batting away such complaints. 

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  1. Crowdcube need to up their game in accepting pitches like the one you have reported on. Do they make the conflict of interest sufficiently clear on their website do you think ?