Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Fanny's Kebabs are exposed as total amateurs having taken £150k off Crowdcube punters

Fanny's Posh Kebabs have made a serious error. Now corrected, they are no longer posh. So what are they? Lads English Kebabs.

The 3 lads who created the idea didnt do much research and have now been rightly ridiculed in the national press and SM for their idea of posh kebabs. The tag line was their key USP when they launched their campaign on Crowdcube. Now it's gone, just over a year later, as they open their first unit in the Turkish restaurant mecca of Stoke Newington. Good luck with that.

Even the founder admitted it was an error.

This article is well worth a read if you want to have a laugh. Investors in Fanny's should look away now............. 


  1. You couldn't make this shit up if you tried. Wait, yes you can because there are plenty of ridiculous business plans being pitched on CC at any given time. Would love to hear your views on the "Chicken2me" app currently being featured.

    1. There is no comment that would express how I feel about Chicken2me. Even Crowdcube investors will not be fooled by these clowns.

    2. Rob, you obviously aren't part of "the global community of chicken lovers" that are purportedly desperate for this solution and missing out on chicken-eating opportunities. But in all seriousness, who are the morons that have committed £31,090 (as of a few minutes ago) to this ridiculous app? It's not even 1st April.

  2. Chicken2me has got to be contender for worst ever pitch/business on Crowdcube. It shows the contempt Crowdcube have for the investors.